Going to work as a rescuer during various sports events, my first aid kit must contain a bit more equipment that the standard kits used mostly at homes. As I have to deal with different injuries, my kit has multiplied bandages, sets of band aids, elastic bands, etc. It is even equipped with a cervical collar, pulseoximeter, penlight and splints.


Nevertheless, at home, we should have a first aid kit in case of emergency. There are kits of smaller sizes in which you can find such items as: compressive bandages, set of band-aids, adhesive bandages, elastic bands, dressings, triangular bandages, wound compresses, scissors, a rescue blanket and disposable gloves.

Then, when you need to dress the wound or simply use a plaster, you know where these things are. It is a very simple and convenient solution at the same time. So why not spend some money and feel more secure?



Being a player requires good health and self-discipline. Nevertheless, no matter how superb the player is, the injuries are inevitable during the game. In volleyball, for instance, the most common problems concern joints and sprained ankles may occur frequently.

What to do if you see an ankle that is swollen and painful? You need to act fast and apply an elastic bandage around the joint. Moreover, it is crucial to elevate the injured limb. Once it has been done, a cold compress must be added. The injured person should visit the specialist to exclude a serious injury.

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